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Some Random Pics

My two little kids have bonded quite a bit this summer. I love that they want to play together and my favorite sound is the two of them giggling together. I cannot imagine my life without these two monkeys!

Here's some super random pics of my two:
The weather in Washington has totally changed and Callie has been more than happy to teach Liam the best way to jump in the puddles that inevitably happen in Washington. 

 They have recently discovered Grandpa's harmonica that Granny Pat gave me. We talked a lot about what the harmonica means to me (I think Callie understands a bit) and LOVE to play it....

 And again, some random pics :)

Year 2 of Preschool

Callie has started in her "four year old school" and LOVES it! She comes home everyday beaming about her day....We have her enrolled in an inclusive preschool and she is considered a peer model in her classroom. The school has truly introduced her to the public school setting, complete with recess, gym, and library. Her first day of school was a bit nerve wracking from me but she was extremely brave and strong! Dropping her off at school now consists of me pulling up to the front of the school, opening the car door, kissing her goodbye and watching her walk in all by herself.

In front of her school - Meadowcrest Early Learning Center