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Eleven Months!

Time continues to creep up quicker and quicker. Our little boy is now 11 months old with a lot of crazy and exciting changes.
  • He is getting closer and closer to walking. He has taken three or four steps together although it always seems to happen when he is distracted and wanting something. 
  • He is starting to recognize many words now - including hot, bye-bye, kiss, ball, sister, mom, dad, yucky, no, more, all done. 
  • He loves to give kisses to people and wave hello and good bye to people. 
  • He is getting very good at remembering things - if you say a cupboard is yucky, every time he goes back into the kitchen he will point to it and make his yucky sound. If you tell him something is hot, he point to it over and over and make his hot sign. 
  •  He loves the cats and will chase them all over the house. He will crawl around the house calling them and looking for them until he finds them hidden under the bed - ha!
  • He is obsessed with putting things into other things. Blocks into a house, animals into his ark, shapes into buckets - whatever! Callie has taken advantage of this quite a bit, she puts her toys in front of him that need to be cleaned up and let him 'play' and put them away for her. 
  • He is a very picky eater! Some of his favorites include lasagna, meatballs, sausage, fruit, pancakes and cheese. He truly dislikes eggs, lunch meat, oatmeal, and pretty much any vegetable. His lunches pretty much always consist of cheese and fruit with some sort of hidden vegetable. 
  • He has become a great napper! Right now he is still taking 2 naps and sleeps hard. He is good at napping pretty much anywhere - which comes in handy as he is dragged around to different places quite a bit. 
Liam loves to help me do the dishes. He is helping me empty the clean dishes..... 

And then he went ahead and reloaded it for me....

He loves looking out the window. He just sits there and waves to all the cars as they drive by. 

Happy, happy boy when he wakes up.

We've had some nice sunny (cold) days that has allowed us to enjoy some park time. Liam is thrilled that he doesn't always have to be in the stroller. 

Callie is just thrilled to have someone extra to play with. 

And on our rainy days we headed to the local indoor playground....

Enjoying the water balloon pad. 

Building some super cool towers (just to knock them back over)

For this meal, apparently the plate was more exciting than the food. 

Had a great day at the zoo.....


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