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Our big one year old!

Can you believe it?! Our girl is one year old! What an amazing year it has been. I've been trying very hard to live and enjoy every moment but it seems to go by so fast. I'm so excited about what Callie has done so far but the selfish part of me wants her to slow of my favorite parts of the stage she is now in, is how obvious it is to see her learn something new and understand exactly what we are saying to her, I ask her to please sit down so we can put her shoes on and she plops right down where she is, I tell her it's time to put her coat on and she sticks one of her arms out to help. I love this little girl. By far, my favorite part of the day is when I stick my hand out and she runs to me and we walk hand in hand.
Here's whats going on with her:
  • She is walking and climbing everywhere. She has absolutely zero fear - which I love!
  • I think daycare has been waiting patiently for her birthday to move her up to the toddler room. They claim she has been ready for quite a while.
  • She is already testing Preston and I - thought I had a while before we got to that stage. She does things she knows she's not supposed to, all the while watching Preston and I to see what we are going to do about it.
  • She now hates being in her stroller. I'm determined to get her to like it again.
  • In no way is she a girly girl. She prefers to dig in the dirt and sand, which I've finally given into. Going outside now means a quick change of outfit afterwards.
  • She's back to loving the water and baths - whew! In fact, she will now lie down on her tummy in the bath and practice her kicking she learned in swim lessons.
  • She can now sign thank you in addition to everything else.
  • She now knows what she wants, and when she asks for it you better figure out quickly what it is. My favorite comment from one of her daycare teachers, "you know, sometimes when Callie signs 'more', I'm not sure what she's asking for". I had to laugh and say I hardly ever know....
  • She has no words but she has the beginning sounds for duck and cat down (of course, mama and dada too).
  • Still no hair......
  • Since I'm using this as her baby book, I want to include some of my favorite things about our bug. I love that she loves books!! Wants to read everyday anytime. I love how she lights up when she sees her dad. I love that she seems to have gotten some of preston and my unusual quirks - poor girl. I love that she can seem to make any adult she sees smile - no matter if she knows them, male or female, happy or grumpy. I love her beautiful smile and her quick giggle. I love that when you ask her where the cat is, she will start calling her and go over the guest room bed and look under the bed for her. My favorite time of the day is bedtime, when it is just me and worries, no interuptions, just us!
Happy birthday Callie!

A friend of mine took some family pictures of us so thought I'd put a few in here.


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