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Mothers Day

I am so blessed to be the mom of these 2 amazing kids! I hope that I grow to be a role model in their eyes as my mom continues to grow in mine. I can't wait to take her out to dinner and celebrate soon! Amazing how becoming a mom can change my perspective on everything.
We had a great day on Sunday. We spent the morning at church and then packed our lunch and headed up to the mountains for a hike. The kids did amazing - Liam is in an awkward stage - he doesn't want to be in the pack but we also are not sure how much he can actually walk. Sunday he pushed past our expectations and walked the whole 3 muddy miles.

The lower falls

Biggest tree ever!


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Ski Vacation

For mid winter break we continued the Knowles tradition and headed to Sunriver for the week. So many memories were made and Callie and Liam constantly talk about it. They love being around their grandma and grandpa, playing with their cousins and skiing (Callie). Callie had so much fun skiing and loved going through the trees, doing jumps and skiing with Grandpa. Liam had a blast with Grandma - they rode bikes, went for walks, snuggled, and played cars together.
We are already looking forward to next year!
Liam got to have Bennett all to himself for a day and he was so happy about it! (if only he would keep his eyes open)
Snuggles with Grandma after a day of skiing
After the long drive, the kids were able to get some wiggles out in Sunriver before getting into the house

These kiddos were amazing skiers! They lasted until the last chair almost every day that we skied! So fun skiing with them!

Grandpa and his little speedsters!

We had some beautiful snow when we were up there
We got one…

Liam is three!!

Not sure where this year went so quickly but we recently had a boy turn three. Liam was so excited to celebrate his birthday and be a "big boy". We had a small family party and then celebrated with the rest of the Knowles family in Sun River. It was completely perfect for him - a cake with cars on it and truck gifts....he was in heaven.
He has come so far in this past year, I couldn't be more proud of him.

 His speech has improved significantly and continues to surprise us with his vocabulary. He continues to be the happiest when he is outside and can truly spend all day outside if you let him. He loves riding his scooter, his bike, and driving his remote control car around the neighborhood. He is obsessed with cars and trucks. We continue to try opening him to new things, to no avail. It is trucks and cars, all the time, anywhere. He loves his big sister and idolizes her. Luckily Callie is extremely loving and kind with him and tolerates her little "shadow". Hi…

Father's Day

We celebrated Father's day with a beautiful weekend of kayaking and walking around UW. The kiddos loved the kayaks and we enjoyed exploring the waters and the arboretum. After a fun kayaking adventure, we headed to UW campus and had a picnic. The kids loved exploring the campus with their scooters.

Was so nice to have the campus to ourselves
The arboretum
My kayaking buddy - she worked hard the whole time
The boy boat. Liam was not super happy about being in the kayak and took some convincing to get in. After about 10 minutes of pouting he decided that he loved it!